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 About Me

Helicopter Date

Me & My Husband, Bob



On Vacation

The Real Candy at Home!!

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About My Site
My site is Real, unedited, unscripted sex ... homemade videos of me sucking cock and fucking guys I meet online, at the gym, in bars and almost anywhere else. What's here is 100% Real ... nothing is staged ... no 'photo shoots, no special lighting and no slick editing. Candy Christopher, Real Amateur Sex is the one of the biggest and the best real amateur website on the net. Over 164,000 members can't be wrong ... so join me and see why. Oh, and enjoy me ... lots of men do!


I fucked my first guy other than my husband in 1995 and from the minute his big cock slid into me, I knew that my one man would never be enough for me again. Although me
fucking some guy had been my husband's fantasy, he never believed I'd really do it and was even more stunned when I told him that I was going to do it again and again and when and where I wanted and that I really wanted him to accept it. Of course, he did; it's exactly what he wanted ... plus, he loves me and knows that to be happy, I need more fucking than even he can give me. After discussing it, we decided to build 'Hot-Candy' in 1998 to document our lifestyle and frankly as a way for me to meet other men. We added the 'I Cuckold My Husband' site in 2000 to basically document my infatuation with Black Men ... really, I'd been fucking alot of Black Men and we thought maybe we'd keep that content separate for those who wanted to see it. Originally, we never intended for my sites to get as big or be as long running and as successful as they've become over the last 20 years. Despite all of the growth, all of the changes, and all of my members, we have NEVER changed what we set out to do ... documenting our lifestyle and what we do, each and every week, on the internet. There's a lot of things you'll see me do here but there's also a lot of things you won't see ... you'll never see me having sex with women; 90% of the amateurs out there do and most I talk with think I'm weird, but I'm not bisexual, bi-curious or bi-anything ... I Fuck Men, period. You'll also never see pictures or video here that are a result of a set-up meeting or 'photo shoot' or 'casting call' or whatever you call it. Here's the deal ... I don't meet men for pictures or videos and I don't meet men for sex. Do I have sex with men I meet and are there pictures of it here ... absolutely, you bet; but every situation was done first and foremost for fun, because I need alot of sex and because my husband loves to watch me do it. There's thousands of websites out there, and hundreds of them show real sex but few if any of them do it like I do. Plus, I've been fucking since before most of the "girls" on the internet were born and I promise you, I do it very well!  So, take a look, Join Me, enjoy me, and I think you'll agree.

My real name is Candice but my husband, and people who know me, call me Candy.

I've been happily married for over 30 years. We met when we were 12 years old, and have been together ever since.

Originally from Indiana and now live in South Florida; way south ... the nearest major city is Havana

I'm 5'3", weigh 118, and my measurements are 36C/25/36 (Yes, they're real)

Favorites ...
Color: Pink of course
Food: Pizza ... I love it
Drinks: Margarita or Beer
Music: Country

I prefer to play with men while my husband is present but occasionally fuck guys without him there

Sexually, I enjoy almost any position. My favorite is "old fashioned missionary style" where I can get my legs up in the air. I also like to be on top, and I love oral sex . . . both giving and especially receiving! My absolute favorite is two men at once, and the biggest turn on for me with a man is knowing my husband is watching me.

I'm attracted to good looking, well groomed men who are self confident and have some social skills . . .
in short, I'm attracted to gentlemen. Physically, I'm attracted to dark haired men and I love arms, closely followed by a nice smile and I'm especially attracted to good looking Black Men with a shaved head.

Dancing and good conversation turn me on tremendously, but I'm not into walks on the beach, dinners, candlelight, or fine wine with other men; I have that at home. What I like to do is go out, have a couple of drinks, dance and play ... then go home and fuck. Sorry if that blows the romance part but I am married, you know!

Baseball caps, rubber sandals, and dirty hands are an immediate turn-off, along with macho attitudes, stupid pick-up lines, and arrogance.

In short, I like nice guys who want to have a good time. There's nothing better than hooking up with a good looking guy, playing all evening, and ending up having great sex. That's how the videos and pictures here came about, and I enjoyed making every one of them!

'Candy Facts'
"I grew up in a strict Southern Baptist family"

"I didn't have a drink until I was 30 years old"

"In the late 80s, I was a Girl Scout leader and a Den mother"

"I'd only had sex with one man, my husband, until I was 39 years old"

"Me fucking other men was my husband's idea"

"In real life, I'm an accountant"

"We live on an island "

"Yes, I do fuck my members - if there's some chemistry

'Hot-Candy Facts'
The original Hot-Candy website went online in 1998

We originally built it as a way for me to meet men to hook up with

We built the first site from information we got in a book about the internet

None of my videos or pictures are the result of a planned 'photo shoot' or a staged event

Everything on Hot-Candy is the result of a spontaneous meeting

Hot-Candy is one of the most successful Real Amateur websites on the internet

Over 170,000 people have joined Hot-Candy

My member's area includes access to my sister's website

In 2000, we pioneered the concept of including multiple sites in one member's area

My husband was fired when his company found out about Hot-Candy


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